Welcome To MESA AZUL!

What is Mesa Azul?

Mesa Azul is a place. It’s a battered and worn blue table in the back of a dark café or saloon, could even be a courtyard with Mexican tiles and cactus.  It’s the place where people come together to hear stories told or to sit slunk down in a soft chair, book in hand and an espresso, lemonade or glass of tequila within easy reach.

It is a place where nobody gives a damn if you smoke or swear or what ya do so long as you ain’t messin’ with anybody else, ain’t trying to control somebody else’s way of thinking or living.  It’s a place where real freedom is treasured more than political correctness or self serving agendas.  A place where telling a good story is valued more than all the useless politics on the planet.  It is a place where a story that touches your heart has lasting value, and cynicism is a worthless mask.  I believe that in life, touching souls is what holds value and importance, all else matters very little and is mere distraction, nothing more than window dressing really.

Mesa Azul is my place.  I am Daniel B. Region, a writer of fiction.  It is my work you will find here. I write about the touching of souls, magic and the simple things that hold the essence of life.  Here you will be able to read a story, a chapter of a novel or a scene from a screenplay or play, sometimes a poem or haiku, maybe even an essay or two.  You will also have the chance to listen to these tales as Mesa Azul podcasts and delight in the realm of the spoken word.

Grab a drink, clock out, slow down and take a journey into the literary world of Mesa Azul.

  Mesa Azul a literary place